The Advertising Authority’s New Code

The Advertising Authority in New Zealand has unveiled new restrictions for gambling advertisements. The newly published codes aim to protect the youth and other vulnerable groups in society

Advertising Authority Codesfrom harm that may be inflicted by the gambling industry. The new restrictions will cover all kinds of advertisements across all platforms across the gambling industry as a whole. The Advertising Authority stated that although the information on the new restrictions has already been made public, the restrictions will come into effect on August 5th, 2019. According to the new regulation constructed by the Advertising Authority, along with other stakeholders, casino operators and advertising agencies will then have to ensure that by November 4th all advertisements comply with the policy.

The Advertising Authority’s new regulation states that gambling industry advertisements must include an element of social responsibility. As previously reported, the purpose of the regulation is to protect the youth. In relation to this, the Advertising Authority has stipulated that all advertisements and campaigns relating to the gambling industry must not be aimed at any youth from 18 and under.  The Advertising Authority’s Chief Executive, Hilary Scouter, stated that consistency and relevance remain crucial in all the regulations and codes for ASA to ensure an element of responsible advertising.

New Codes Explained

Part of the new code set by the Advertising Authority is that advertisements should not portray material that encourages gambling by exaggerating the prize of the winnings or stating that it may improve a person’s financials. The information in the advertisement needs to be clear and precise; consumers must not be misled or exploited for having little knowledge regarding the industry.  Consumers need to be aware of what the financial implication could be when they decide to gamble. The industry should be glamourized.

The time at which these advertisements and marketing campaigns appear on TV and Radio must be taken into account in accordance with these codes by the Advertising Authority. They should not look or appear least when the youth and children are the primary audiences. Another part of the new regulations states that the advertisements must not imply that a consumer’s skill in the area can contribute towards the outcome.

The purpose of the new regulations is to ensure fairness towards consumers, not to cripple the gambling industry; therefore you will still see more gambling adverts that are more responsible and considerate of their customers.

Wynn Resorts Ditches Bid to Buy Crown Casino

Crown Casino of the biggest casino operators just on our doorstep in Australia just can’t seem to catch a break lately. It looked like they were on the road to a lucrative takeover from the US casino chain Wynn Resorts but that has gone belly-up. After the dramatic exit of James Packer Crown Casino’s CEO citing stress and mental health the merger with Wynn would have been boost for the ever-scandalous Crown Casinos. Find out why the Americans pulled out before the deal had even set as we explore the various issues this whole deal was riddled with.


Wynn Resorts’ Reasons for Dumping Crown Casino

According to news from The Associated Press in Sydney, Australia, Wynn Resorts relinquished their bid because of Crown’s alleged presumptuousness. It seems the US casino resort operator was not pleased with the unscheduled leak of the deal which was in progress. The Associated Press, bluntly put it “Following the premature disclosure of preliminary discussions, Wynn Resorts has terminated all discussions with Crown Resorts concerning any transaction.” There was no follow up from Wynn Resorts to comment on the debacle. The merger would have been good for the Crown because the mere rumours of the merge pushed its share price a whole 21 percent upwards.

Business Analysts’ Reactions to the Wynn-Crown Fallout


Most analysts did not see the immediate benefit of the merger to Wynn Resorts. How Crown Casino would benefit was already obvious from the increase in share price indicated. Even though Wynn Resorts is facing its fair share of legal trouble back in the US, they aren’t struggling to make profits. James Packer former Crown CEO was projected to be a major shareholder when the merge occurred. This would have cushioned the crash the casino operator felt when they had to withdraw their plans for global expansion after the illegal Chinese gambling scandal.

It is not clear where Crown Casinos intends to go from here. Keep updated with this story and other casino news stories on our blog. While you wait for the next update try out the popular NZ online casinos, we recommend which aren’t dealing with any scandals or unsuccessful mergers.

Wynn Resorts Suggests Banning Steve Wynn

At this moment, the casino giant – Wynn Resorts, is looking to do just about anything to keep the MGC (Massachusetts Gaming Commission) happy. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that its latest move was suggesting to ban their founder and previous CEO Steve Wynn from entering any of their premises.

Wynn Resorts Suggest Banning Steve Wynn

In the event that Massachusetts takes up the offer, Steve Wynn will be prohibited from the Encore Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, the new Boston project, and the Macau locations that are run by Wynn Resorts. However, this is not their only offer to the MGC. In their 49-page proposal, Wynn Resorts offered about 12 more suggestions in order to avoid losing their operating license in the state. Read on below and find out more.

Wynn Resorts Suggestions to Massachusetts

The suggestions they made to the MGC include a yearly audit of their company policies, a compliance committee that will investigate the sexual assault claims, routine harassment and discrimination training for their staff members, keeping their distance from Steve Wynn’s lawyer, and lastly keeping the MGC posted on every single complaint that will be raised.

In filling this document, the leading casino operator mentioned their hopes and these read that the MGC finds that Wynn Resorts has recognised their suitability by proving convincing and clear evidence. More so, they do hope that there isn’t any substantial evidence that the company provided, which the MGC will find as misleading or false, in violation of the gambling rules and regulations.

Of all their suggestions to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, one that couldn’t make the cut was for the current CEO of Wynn Resort – Matt Maddox – to be fired. Being Steve Wynn’ right-hand man for years and handpicked successor, Joan Vennochi from the Boston Globe argued that he must be forced to resign. The reason was that he most likely assisted in concealing Steve Wynn’s bad behaviour and also that he carries a reminder of it.


These 13 suggestions from Wynn Resorts might go reasonably well. However, the most critical question is are they going to go far enough. Based on Elaine Wynn’s testimony day, Matt Maddox doesn’t seem to be the MGC’s favourite person. In addition, with the Globe supporting his resignation, it might just be what it takes for Wynn Resorts to retain its operating license. Contrary to this, the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported to the media that regardless of it all, Matt Maddox is in good standing. So, keep it locked here at Kiwi Casino for the latest updates on this matter.

ComeOn Introduces New Slots

The subsidiary of the Cherry Group, ComeOn, has signed an agreement with the software provider Red Tiger to provide new slots. ComeOn is one of the first in the Cherry Group to establish new slots in its slot portfolio.

ComeOn New Slot Machines

ComeOn Casino Players Get Full Library Access

Red Tiger CEO, Gavin Hamilton, commented to the media that the new deal would be quite an achievement for the software provider as it has set new goals to partner with stakeholders in the industry. He also added that ComeOn had been excellently growing over the last few years, and the new deal will provide further growth avenues for both companies.

Red Tiger has signed quite a lot of new deals in recent weeks including an agreement with 888 Casino. The partnership with 888 casinos will allow the casino’s players an opportunity to play games available in the Red Tiger library. The daily jackpots that are made possible by Red Tiger will also be available to 888 casino players.

ComeOn CEO said that the company had been impressed with Red Tiger and its success as an online casino slot provider. The company is also very much happy about the new library of games it has available for its players.


Red Tiger creates HTML5 slot and table games as well as a progressive jackpot system provider. The company is relatively new in the industry and is said to be seeing a lot of growth in the casino gambling industry. The software provider boasts a diverse employment group from mathematicians to sound engineers.

FOBT Rules Avoided by Bookmakers with New Games

With FOBT rules firmly in place, bookmakers are now testing similar games that do the same thing. FOBTs (fixed odds betting terminals) used to have high stakes for players. These gaming machines are owned and operated by bookmakers in shops across the United Kingdom. However, they are now strictly limited to a maximum stake of £2 (NZ$3.88) from £100 (NZ$193.84) under new laws.

These laws are meant to protect players and stop them from losing thousands on the games. After months of delays and debates between lawmakers, the machines are now regulated. However, any new games could bypass the FOBT rules altogether if they different. Of course, this kind of thing has come to the attention of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

At least two high-street bookmakers have been warned, and others are sure to follow. Both Betfred and Paddy Power Betfair have withdrawn their latest gaming machines after a UKGC warning. William Hill has also been warned after announcing the launch of similar products.

FOBT Rules Avoided by Bookmakers with New Games

FOBT Rules on Roulette-Style Games

Many bookmakers raised concerns about the loss in profits under the FOBT rules, but have received no support from ‘competent authorities’. As a result, many betting shops launched the new Roulette-style games on the launch date of the new rules. These high-stakes games have the same purpose as their predecessors.

While the bookmakers may have felt they’d successfully worked around new laws, they’ve actually started a new investigation. In recent years, the UKGC is cracking down on any gambling law breaches. From online casinos to gambling advertising, they are cracking down on everything. Gambling-related harm is a global issue, and the UK is determined to beat it.

That’s why the new FOBT rules have been so controversial across the British Isles. Of course, there will always be a company looking to work around the law. After all, profits are more important than social responsibility to some firms.

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