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Ivey League Stops Coaching Content Due to Uncertain State of Online Poker

Ivey League, the poker training website created by Phil Ivey, announced that it will no longer be uploading video training content as from May 1, 2017. The “current state of online poker” was pointed as the reason for the decision, although no further explanation was given as to what the current state of online poker meant.

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Ivey League was launched in early 2014 with poker pro/entrepreneur Phil Ivey being the mastermind behind it. News spread in 2013 that Ivey had purchased poker website Leggo Poker aiming to turn it into a training site.

Existing video content on Ivey League will remain accessible as yearly subscribers are refunded. Every player who has paid for a monthly subscription will be able to cancel it at any time, as written on the poker training website.

Various training videos have been uploaded on Ivey League for the past three years, with those containing the nuts and bolts of poker. They also contained information on how one could improve their playing style and composure while playing poker. The content on the site has covered different poker games, including widespread variants like No-Limit, Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha as well as mixed games formats.

Ivey League

Current State of Online Poker

Online Poker has been going through fundamental changes since its explosion back in 2003. Not that the all-time casino game has lost its charm, no. The Internet poker industry has grown to be a tight one of late, with other famous types of casino games emerging.

Ruling and overruling is also another reason why the state of online pokies is currently blurred. There are now jurisdictions, globally, that have been hurting online poker-lovers’ industry, thereby thrashing its profitability. Let alone, countries such as Australia that have made it quite impossible for local online casino players to gamble in a regulated environment.

One may say the state of online pokies is currently uncertain and difficult to tell where it’s headed to. However, we at Kiwi Casinos will do all the best we can to keep our Kiwis in the loop with the latest adjustments with regards to online pokies.


Casino Gambling Spend Rises in New Zealand

Casino Gambling in New Zealand has been experiencing rapid growth regarding visitor spending. More so, tourism statistics have been reaching high records of late and the economy being in an excellent condition is also an added advantage.

Local Casinos in NZ.

A 2.6% increase has been reported by the International Affairs concerning casino gambling spend. In addition, this is after all the inflation and population changes are set aside.

As a result, the flourishing tourism sector has influenced the casino spending to be up by 11.1% together with high-income rates and upgrades in casino machines.  However, the Casino Gambling industry of New Zealand may consider the increase as good but on the contrary, the Problem Gambling Foundation disagrees.

To them, this is not good news. Their spokeswoman, Andre Froude commented that the amount spent is too high although the spending level on Pokie games is stable. She also added that gamblers lose 40% of their money

Most of the money is spent on online lotto tickets and TAB bets. More so, there was an increase of 5.3% in the year to June as New Zealand casino gamblers were offered various betting options. As a result of the Big Wednesday promo, lottery also increased by 4%.

On average, Kiwi casino gamers spend at least NZ$616 per annum on gambling. NZ$95 is spent on casino betting per year, and about NZ$122 is spent on Lotto tickets.

Spending on casino gambling may increase in the months or even in the years too because of the many options that NZ gamblers have.

World Casino Directory.

Acquisition of World Casino Directory

Internet Gaming affiliate, Latest Casino Bonuses expands its business via the acquirement of the World Casino Directory

World Casino Directory.

World Casino Directory was established in 2002. Its primary aim has been to provide comprehensive and relevant information on all land-based casinos worldwide. More so, the site features information and news on all the upcoming local casinos, online casinos, to mention a few. Not forgetting the News section that covers all the latest stories in the realm of international casino gaming.

What is Latest Casino Bonuses?

Latest Casino Bonuses was formed in 2006. Also, it’s the first iGaming affiliate site that has just been rapidly growing.

Latest Casino Bonuses logo

Local Casino Bonus parted ways with NZ$2.5 million in the acquisition of the World Casino Directory. The founder of Latest Casino Bonuses, Joshua Chan commented on this deal by saying that the deal was only locked up a couple of weeks after negotiating with the former C.E.O of World Casino Directory, Bernard Richter. In addition, Mr Richter wanted confirmation that the employees will still keep their jobs and that the initial concept of the website will not go through any drastic changes as well.

World Casino news is not the first deal that Latest Casino Bonuses sealed smoothly. In September 2014, they made an acquisition of the Wizards of Odds. They bought the company and all its assets at a total cost of NZ$3.37 million. At that time, this arrangement made headlines as a result of being part of the largest-scale ones.

To add on, its publicity was boosted by the fact that Wizards of Odds had its status as one of the veterans in the Casino gaming industry.

Rest assured New Zealanders, The change in the leader of World Casino Directory will not restrict you from getting the latest news in the realm of both, online and land-based casino gambling.


Playtech Casino for New Zealand players

Playtech Signs a Deal with a Player Retention Guru

Playtech, the provider of Casino gambling services and solutions, is now looking at player retention as an essential driver of the growth of the industry. 

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Playtech decided to engage with Captain Up’s retention platform. According to the terms and conditions of the deal, the two companies made an announcement on Monday last week.

In general, Captain Up products and services permit operators to attract and retain casino players. They do this through exploiting and exploring behavioural economics provides content that’s helpful to the needs and wants of individual players.

Most casino gaming operators are in partnership with Captain Up. Being assimilated into a bigger management system, Playtech and Captain Up will use this chance to get a wider base in the realm of international casino gambling.

What does Captain Up do?

Simply put, Captain Up attempts to engage players through providing them with an opportunity to level up and compete in various leaderboards for better positions.Through this, casino players can also take part in tournaments, win badges and brag about their accomplishments.

Captain UP.

Through the use of real-time, Captain Up offers insights on how casino players react. More so, it’s advised to take note that the organisation has a back office that helps with managing and monitoring activities, as well as analysing players’ behaviours and actions.

In this competitive industry, player retention and attainment have grown to be challenging tasks. Offering casino players high quality and innovating experience is just not enough on its own nowadays.

As a result, data analysis and deployment of tools have been internationally gaining popularity. Of late, these platforms have mainly been deployed by Sports Betting Operators. As well as those that offer various gambling solutions. However, we are excited to see how Playtech will be supporting their players from now on.

Pinnacle Casino Software Provider.

Pinnacle leaves Another European Market

Internet gaming operator, Pinnacle, has left another European market as a result of modifying its iGaming market.

Pinnacle Casino Software Provider.

It was confirmed early last week that the casino operator would not be accepting players from Slovenia anymore. This was valid from the 3rd of March 2017. More so, Slovenia might be implementing a new internet casino gambling law sometime this year.

The online casino software provider sent short emails to their players explaining that they will no longer be accepted due to regulatory reasons. However, Pinnacle is not the first casino software provider to be leaving this market. Early January, 888poker also left the European market.

Another huge industry player, PokerStars, also left Slovenia in 2016. Consequentially, it is important to note that as we said before, the iGaming laws are yet to be implemented. This means that provisions of all unlicensed operations are not explicitly prohibited I Slovenia as yet.

Slovenia is known to have been working on the new Online Casino gaming law for the past four years. It’s only last year, in 2016 when they informed European Commission that the new law has been drafted. More so, they mentioned that the law is expected to be effective anytime during the course of this year.

Pinnacle announced its exit in the Slovenian market about two weeks after announcing that they were also leaving Poland. The iGaming software provider gave the same reasons for leaving the Poland market. More so, Poland will be adapting new online casino gambling laws in the coming month.

Another market changing its gambling laws is Australia. Recent bills have reduced online slots bets and impacted certain provinces. Fortunately, New Zealand has no plans to make similar changes, so Kiwi gamblers can keep using their favourite international online casinos.

However, we are yet to know if there are more markets, globally, that are planning on changing their online casino gambling laws and how much it will affect the industry.