Online Poker Bill Approved Again by New York Senate

Twice this year, the Senate of New York has once again voted for permitting online poker within the borders of America. However, the curiosity is whether the state assembly will follow suite or not.

Online Poker Bill Approved by the New York Senate.

Yesterday, the New York Senate voted 54 – 8 for the online poker bill. The bill will permit 11 licenses at most to work hand in hand with the online casino sites for them to provide regulated online poker games.

More so, only players over the age of 21 are permitted to play within the borders of the state. Nonetheless, the results obtained from the vote yesterday were more or less inevitable. The margin of success was merely the same as the 53 – 5 vote that the online poker bill dot in the Senate a year ago.

Online Poker Bill – Will the State Assembly Approve?

Early last week, New York Media mentioned that Pretlow is still playing his cards close to his chest as he believes that there’s still hope for the Assembly also to approve the online poker bill. However, Newsday mentioned that having the Assembly on board won’t be a walk in the park.

The late amendment to the online poker bill that was released last week might have made an impact on all online casino sited that offer online poker to the U.S.A market. While the amendment might prevent a couple of online casinos to operate in the New York online poker industry, Amaya Gaming’s PokerStars seemed to have been the primary target of the amendment bill.

The amendment was introduced a month after David Baazov, former CEO of Amaya made an illegitimate donation of US$25 000 (NZD$34 554) to 2014 election campaign of Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor.

The clock is now ticking as there are now four sitting days remaining for the Assembly to conclude on the New York online poker bill.

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