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Online Casino guide is known as the most effective guidance that New Zealand players can use to get to the tune of the online casino gaming world. Whether you are starting a fresh journey into online casino gaming or simply looking to get more informed about the industry, our Kiwi Casinos Online Casino Guide is packed full of the things you need and want to know regarding gambling in New Zealand.

online gambling in New Zealand

Top Online Casino Guide | The History of Kiwi Gambling

New Zealand’s gambling Industry is under the control of the Department of Internal Affairs, and most of the casino establishments are state-run. The country began its gambling days during the colonial period when the first settlers from Europe came. However, with the eventual introduction of the Gambling Act of 1908, legal gambling practices became restricted to racetracks.

Racetrack gambling became popular from 1835 and is currently governed by the NZ Racing Board and New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing. With about 3000 races held every year across 52 race courses, the games continue to be a big part of the entertainment industry.

NZ racing history

In 1951 the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) was introduced, leading to the laws around gambling being relaxed. Gambling services became more available in their different sorts. This includes lotteries, with the first national lotteries system being established in July 1987 and growing larger and larger since then.

Pokies made their entry in 1991 and were likely to be found more in hotels, clubs, and bars at the time. Today, (non-casino) Pokies total over 16 500 located across about 1,500 of New Zealand’s sites.

Best New Zealand Land Based Casinos

skycity auckland in New Zealand

The largest New Zealand casino is Skycity in Auckland, and it is one of the five top licensed casinos in New Zealand. The others are Skycity Christchurch, the first to open its doors in 1994, Dunedin Casino, Skycity Queenstown, Skycity Hamilton, and Wharf Casino.

Online Kiwi Casinos

Like in many countries, it is illegal to operate an online casino within the borders of New Zealand. However, it is not illegal for Kiwis and other residents to take part in online gambling if the casino in questions is located outside New Zealand. This is according to the Gambling Act of 2003. Also, the country pronounces winnings from such gambling to be non-taxable.


Welcome Bonuses and Other Rewards

The first thing that an Online Casino will usually offer its newest players is a Welcome Bonus, and throughout the gaming journey, more bonuses and other rewards are a constant part of the package. Kiwi friendly casinos are no different. But what exactly are these bonuses?

Casino Guide on Welcome Bonuses

As explained before, a Welcome Bonus is (usually) a bundle of bonuses offered to a player when they first register a new account with an Online Casino. This is a reward for making their first purchase/deposit.

Such a bonus may be offered as a once off claimable gift, or split across two to five deposits. The welcome bonus sometimes comes with an extra reward like Free Spins on popular games, especially pokies. This Bonus is designed to attract new players; hence it will typically be put forward and upfront on the casino website.

 Kiwi Guide to Percentage Deposit Bonuses

Like a welcome bonus, a percentage deposit bonus is based on the player’s deposit amount. The casino will match, to a stated percentage, the amount that the player has made to their casino account and award this to the player as bonus credits. The difference, however, is that this bonus is offered to any player group the casino chooses, not just the new ones. The percentage deposit bonus may be awarded on specific games, but this is not always the case.

New Zealand Casino Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses – Kiwi Guide

As it states in the name, this bonus does not require any deposit to be made prior to claiming. The No-deposit Bonus gives potential players a chance to get to know the casino and its games better before they make any financial contributions to the casino. Thus it is used as an acquisition marketing tool.

Other Rewards and Bonuses

Loyalty Rewards

Just like in retail stores, some Online Casinos offer reward points for long-standing and active membership. This usually works by the casino giving the player a point or so for every, say NZ$20 that the player bets on the game, or when the player bets a frequent amount of times.

Referral rewards

Also, common in other industries is being rewarded for forwarding a friend, relative or any other third person to an establishment. New Zealand Online Casinos also pay a reward to any player that makes a successful referral. As soon as the referred person makes their first deposit, the referrer gets credited for it, assuming that the new player stated the name of the referrer.

High Roller Rewards

Players that have a reputation for depositing and betting substantially large amounts of money at a casino are called high rollers. In hopes to win big, these players also bear a great deal of risk, and so online casinos appreciate them with significantly bigger Bonuses than those offered to other players.

Payment Method Bonuses

Many Kiwi Casinos offer players bonuses for using one or more of their deposit or withdrawal methods. Since casinos typically have many banking methods for players to use, they may run promotions on the most popular ones, newly introduced methods, or whichever ones they choose.

Online Casino Guide: Banking Methods

Casino gaming, especially as a real-money gambler, means you will need to pay a deposit to start ‘real money play’ and access your winnings whenever you want to. This means you need a way to do your banking, in a reliable, convenient and safe manner. It is thus that New Zealand Casinos offer their Kiwi players more than enough options in depositing and withdrawal methods.

These options include Wire Transfers, Credit Card payments, Pre-Paid Cards, E-Checks and E-WalIet Services. Here is a quick analysis of each method group:

Credit Card Methods

The Good –

  • These are convenient since they directly link your bank account to your casino.
  • Easy to use and loved for their accessibility; they are largely accepted by many countries, including New Zealand.
  • They support various currencies.
  • Examples are Master Card, Visa, Visa Electron and Maestro.

mastercard logo, banking method in New Zealand

The downside –

  • These methods are heavily regulated by casinos to guard against fraud, and so they are slower at processing transactions, taking anything between 3 and 5 working days.

visa logo, New Zealand banking option

Pre-Paid Cards

The Good –

  • Safer and more secure
  • Instant processing of transactions
  • Restricted direct links to your bank account
  • Good for managing bankrolls because you can deposit only the amount you wish to play with.

The Downside –

  • Require funds to be deposited onto the card before they can be deposited to the casino account, making it a longer way of banking.

Wire Transfers

The Good –

  • All your personal data is kept safe thanks to not using third parties.
  • Easy, convenient and supports NZ$ and many other currencies.
  • Withdrawals are processed instantly.
  • Broadly accepted by online casinos.

The downside –

  • Transactions may take long.
  • Transaction charges tend to apply on withdrawals below a certain amount.

E-Wallet Services

The Good –

  • Highly secure
  • Restricted access to your banking information.
  • Deposits and withdrawals processed instantly.
  • Examples:
    • Ecocard
    • Instadebit
    • Click2Pay

New Zealand click2pay logoThe downside –

  • A lengthier process, depositing from the e-wallet before crediting the casino account.
  • Some currencies are not supported.
  • Charges may apply to Withdrawals.

New Zealand banking method


The Good –

  • Electronic, thus paper-less.
  • Safe and instantaneous fund transfers.
  • Strict monitoring reduces the likelihood of someone misusing your account details.

The downside –

  • Longer processing of transactions.
  • Credit wagering is not possible; the account must have money in it.

Online Casino Guide: Licensing and Regulation

To ensure responsible gaming both on the part of Online Casinos and players, the Kiwi Government has had to enforce rules and regulations around the activity. This has led to an establishment of casino licensing authorities and commissions. The industry is under the general control of New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs, and to maximise easy governance, the majority of gambling enterprises are run by the state.

Licensing for New Zealand Casinos- 2016

Licenses are one of the first ways to ensure casinos operate legally, and the owners need to apply for these at the Gambling Control Boards/Commission of their jurisdiction. To be granted a license, the casino has to prove its integrity and good financial standing amongst other things.

New Zealand Online Casino Regulation – 2016

On top of being licensed, the Online Casino must also remain under strict regulation to ensure adherence to stipulated rules and regulations governing the industry. These include fair and responsible gaming, safety and security of all player information, funds, and others. The regulating board also has to mediate any disputes that arise between players and casinos.

Online Casino Guide| Casino Security

Since Online Gambling requires many transactions, including money and critical information transfer, it is of utmost importance for the casino to keep all things safe and secure. There have been many fraudulent activities in history, and these must be kerbed. To do this, New Zealand online casinos have endeavoured to employ several security measures.

Some of these steps include the well-known SSL encryption technology that guards online transactions. Additionally, to enhance the protection they offer their Kiwi players, the Online Casinos make use of personal identification, account and withdrawal verifications before resuming with any transaction. Casinos have also opened up 24/7 Customer Support centres to ascertain that players can receive assistance ‘round the clock should any red flags pop up.

Other standard measures that have been undertaken by the New Zealand government and other such authorities are Gambling Licensing Boards and Regulatory Bodies to monitor the very viability and trustworthiness of online gambling service providers. These determine whether an Online Casino, for instance, is suitable for operation judging from their business character, financial standing, etc., and may grant or deny their license application following their assessment of the casino.

Why Choose Online Gambling

Online Casino Games for New Zealand Players

You may have wondered why one would choose to gamble online when land-based casinos have been popular for so long. Well, brick and mortar casinos do have their benefits, such as the experience of their fun and lively ambience. However, online casinos also have plenty to offer, here are some of those benefits:

Welcome Bonuses

Kiwi players have been enjoying the loveliest welcome bonuses that are offered by online casinos. As a new member of an online casino, you will be offered a package to get free bonus credits and other freebies just for making your first deposit.

Free Play

Also accompanying a first time player’s package is Free Play. This just means the players can explore the casino, its Pokies, and other games, having some good fun, without having to risk their funds. Of course this also means you cannot withdraw any winnings from this, but nonetheless, Free Play is perfect for helping new members get a better understanding of how casino games work.


Gambling online allows you the joy of playing peacefully at home or wherever you have a desktop computer. The fun and buzzy environment of land-based casinos is exhilarating, but not always. Sometimes you just want to play quietly, and perhaps even try out games you wouldn’t play in public.

Game Collection

Probably the biggest advantage of online casinos is their vast array of games. Since these casinos are not physically bound, they can have as many games as they want to offer players. As long as game software providers are developing games, online casinos will keep bringing in more new stuff for players to toy with. Currently, Kiwis are enjoying over 700 games per casino.

Winning Potential and the Art of RNGs

Random Number Generators are computerised devices within casino games used to ensure unpredictability in game outcomes. They do this by producing number/symbol sequences in a relatively haphazard way. That means the sequences are not computed via any particular rule and thus cannot be predicted. In a casino setting, RNGs are used on games like Pokies to produce random results whenever the player makes a bet and hits the ‘play’ button. It is a good way of maximising fairness in winning potential and odds across all players and the casino without bias.

RNG Management

It is one thing to have a machine, a feature or software that is deemed effective at its job, but how can one be sure? Just as much as casinos themselves are governed and regulated, they also need to have their games and services checked for consistency and fairness. So New Zealand Online Casinos will typically have frequent independent audits of their machinery, including RNGs, to make sure they work as they should; maximising fairness and equal chances for all.

Kiwi’s Guide to Bankroll Management

So now that you have decided to join other Kiwis in the world of Online Gaming, or maybe you have been in it and now wish to get more responsible about it, here is an excellent guide on how you can better management your funds while having plenty of fun.

What Is Bankroll Management

Planning, organising and efficiently using your funds; that is fundamentally what bankrolling is all about. Any responsible player knows that gambling, like anything in life, needs a budget strategy to keep things in order, lest they end up with messy accounts and financial issues. Besides responsible spending, having a sound bankroll strategy will help buy you more play time at a casino.

How to Have a Successful Bankroll Management Strategy

It is no secret that history has seen many gamblers getting entangled in serious financial troubles. This says a lot about how easy it is to get there. But it also speaks volumes about the need to strategize better. It is very easy to entrap yourself in financial issues due to reckless betting when you do not have a functional and achievable plan. But just how can you devise an effective funds management system for yourself? Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your Bankroll Management strategy.

Decide Ahead How Much to Bet

Before you begin depositing and betting at the casino, first you must think about how much of your money you want to dedicate to gambling. Have an amount and a time frame to make this more realistic and achievable. Take it a step further and assign the money to specific games. Here are a few great tips:

  • Using good proportions, divide your funds between a few different games you wish to play during a specific period. For instance, split it five different ways between five different pokies, or five different game types like Roulette, Blackjack, Pokies, Poker and variety games.
  • Divide your winnings across all the games you chose as well. Don’t just spend the money you won on one game simply because that is where you won it. Split those wins across a few games, this way you diversify your winning channels.
  • Withdraw some of your winnings into your account now and then as well.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!

There is no point in having an objective to achieve and a strategy if you do not have the internal strength to keep at it. So be sure to keep an eye out for temptations. Once you have decided how much of your money you are going to spend on betting, and on what, you need to make an active decision not to deviate from this plan.

Although it is a good idea to bet more when you are winning, do not be tempted to think that because you are on a winning streak, continuing or even betting substantially larger amounts will rake in more wins. This is not a guarantee. Just as well, if you are losing, do not try to overcome your losses by betting higher.

Know When to Stop

It may be difficult to cut your losses when things are not going too well in a game. But the funds you may have already lost could be better that the amount you might forfeit in total if you continue. Winning streaks also have a somewhat hypnotising charm. But things can change in an instant when gambling. Stop before things go south.

Of course, there is no rule to this, but your gut feeling may help guide you to know when it is time to give it a break. Come back on another day and try again with a refreshed new luck.

Betting amount Vs. Games

Lastly, when making your betting decisions, keep your larger bets to games that you are more comfortable and familiar with. Anything new to you needs some getting accustomed to before you risk substantial amounts of money on it.

Be Bonus-wise

The same applies to bonuses and rewards. Before depositing and claiming a bonus, look carefully at which games are tied to the bonus and determine wisely how much you will expand on that offer. Bonuses offered on games you are well acquainted with should take preference.

NZ Online Casino Guide FAQs

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Casino Glossary for Kiwi Players

Bankroll – A financial budget by the player to determine and monitor the movement of their money.

Bet – a wager.

Deposit – an amount of money a player pays into their online casino account to play with.

Free Play – a mode of play where the casino gamer is allowed to play the games without risking any of their money. Free play does not pay out any real money winnings either. It is for fun and practicing purposes only.

Gaming Control Board – a commission by the government assigned to licensing and ensuring the adherence of casinos to state laws within a specific jurisdiction (also known as Gambling Board/Commission).

Referral Bonus – a bonus reward given to a current player for bringing in a new player to the casino.

RNG – (Random Number Generator) computer-based devices that produce sequences of numbers (or symbols) haphazardly. This is done to minimise predictable outcomes in casino games. RNGs are used in many popular games, for example, Roulette.

Welcome Bonus- an acquisition tool where a new player is rewarded with a bonus for making the first deposit to the casino.