Casino Gambling Laws New Zealand

Online Gambling Laws, also known as web gambling or internet gambling laws, are a group of regulations put in place to either allow or outlaw various wagering practices within New Zealand. New Zealand Online Gambling Laws have been a hot topic amongst Kiwis long before 2016. The team at Kiwi Casinos has therefore broken down the laws of gambling in New Zealand in an easy to read guide for all New Zealand gamblers. Read on below to discover all you need to know about legal gambling in Kiwi country.

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The Gambling Regulatory Agencies within New Zealand

First and foremost, it is important for all readers to understand that there are some regulatory bodies within the New Zealand gambling community. While a majority of gambling practices are controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs; there are a few other institutions in place to help regulate the pass time of gambling. Read on below for a breakdown on each:

The Department of Internal Affairs

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs regulates gambling in a various number of ways. The regular audit, investigate as well as regulate both casino-based and non-casino based gambling within New Zealand. The Department of Internal Affairs is also responsible for issuing certificates of approval for casino employees as well as non-casino gaming licenses. Another benefit provided by The Department of Internal Affairs is the fact that they also supply the public with educational information about the gambling world.

The Gambling Commission of New Zealand

The Gambling Commission of New Zealand is a major player as far as casino safety and fairness goes. This body both issues and renews operator licenses to several applicants. More so, they mediate agreements or amendments of existing agreements between casino venue license holders and the casino operators. Lastly, oversees the operations of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health

While not being one of the regulating bodies of gambling within New Zealand, the Ministry of Health still plays a vital role within the wagering world. This department both funds as well as organises services for people with gambling problems. While most Kiwis see gaming as a fun frivolous pass time, a few people are suffering from gambling addictions. If you or a loved one is facing such a problem, know that the Ministry of Health has some incredible programs in place to help you overcome this struggle.

 Legal Gambling / Illegal Gambling in New Zealand

Is Online Gambling Legal in New Zealand According to New Zealand Gambling Laws?

In short, yes, online gambling is legal in New Zealand. However, there is one rule a person needs to follow for this to be true. This rule could not be simpler to adhere to and is highlighted within the Gambling Act of 2003. The Act states that by no means is it viewed as illegal for a New Zealand resident to gamble at an online casino, so long as that casino is internationally based. This means the ones not native to New Zealand. Therefore, players have the freedom to wager where they please so long as the online casino is not based within our homeland. We have provided a beginner’s guide for our Kiwis, this will help all novice players to be pros in no time!

The History of New Zealand Gambling Laws

New Zealand gambling history has been somewhat slower than other countries with regards to the development of gambling. While racing began relatively early, the arrival of other gambling practices took a little longer to grace our sunny Kiwi shores. Take a look at how gambling developed both on and offline within New Zealand:

  • 1853: Racing began within New Zealand, and with it, sports betting was born
  • 1908: the Gambling Act of 1908 was passed stating that the only legally accepted form of gambling was sports betting at race tracks
  • 1933: the first New Zealand lottery was introduced
  • 1951: TAB (Totalisator Agency Board) was introduced to New Zealand. Became country’s only wagering operator
  • 1961: the larger lottery game, Golden Kiwi Lottery, was started
  • 1987: The New Zealand Lotteries Commission was started in this year, bringing with it the Lotto
  • 1991: ’91 marks the year of the arrival of the first pokie machine within New Zealand
  • 1994: Christchurch Casino is the first land-based casino to be opened in New Zealand
  • 2003: the Gambling Act of 2003 allows New Zealand residents to wager at international online casinos
  • 2008: various lottery games are introduced to the public including; Power Ball, Big Wednesday

 Gambling Taxes in Ne Zealand

FAQs on Kiwi Online Gambling Laws

It is only natural for people to question things, and the subject of the legalities of online gambling certainly sends minds wandering at the best of times. As such, the team at Kiwi Casinos has compiled a list of the top frequently asked questions posed by readers on the topic of online gambling laws.

How taxes work in online casino gambling

Luckily, taxes aren’t applicable to most New Zealand players, so long as they are not considered to be professional gamblers. This means that as long as you treat online gambling as a pass time and nothing more, you will be free from facing taxes. If you are concerned about whether or not you fall within the professional gamblers bracket, you can get legal advice stipulating if this is an area to be concerned over.

Am I allowed to gamble online as a New Zealand resident?

As previously stated, yes, you most certainly are allowed to. As a New Zealand resident, you may play at any internationally based online casino. In short, avoid any local online casino, be it based in Auckland or Christchurch – these are prohibited for New Zealand residents.

Are all online casinos legal?

While the majority of online casinos available on the web are considered above board, there are a few you should steer clear of. These casinos may withhold your winnings and other such things. To ensure the online casino is reputable, ensure it is audited on a regular basis. All of the online casinos featured on Kiwi Casinos are licensed and legal, so rest assured that you will be looked after by all gambling dens featured on our site.

When playing at an international online casino, will I be able to play in the New Zealand Dollar?

There are a few casinos available on the web which accept the New Zealand Dollar. As a Kiwi player, you will then be able to play in our native currency, saving you the cost of conversions.

What is a gambling class?

A gambling class is known as categories of online casino gambling separate the various types of gambling available within New Zealand. There are four different categories and one additional bracket. These are called private gambling which falls under no specified class. In short, the categories of gambling can be defined as follows:

  • Class one gambling: no commission is awarded to the person/s responsible for directing the betting. Any prize or potential winnings do not surpass the amount of NZ$500
  • Class two gambling: no commission is awarded to the person/s responsible for directing the betting. Any prize does not exceed the amount of NZ$5000. Any possible wagering turnover does not surpass the amount of NZ$25 000
  • Class three gambling: prizes offered within the activity exceed the amount of NZ$5000
  • Class four gaming: any betting activity which uses a gambling machine separate of a casino – i.e. pokie machines found in pubs or clubs
  • Private gambling: wagering events or evenings taking place at a private residence

A Few Fun Facts about New Zealand Online Gambling Laws

Here are a few fascinating facts about online gambling for New Zealand players:

  • Online poker rooms follow the same laws as online casinos do for New Zealand residents. If it isn’t a New Zealand based site, you can freely make use of it.
  • Sports betting is legal in New Zealand so long as your wagers are placed through the New Zealand Racing Board.  The board is powered by the Totalisator Agency Board. Furthermore, Kiwi players can also make use of any international sports Booker should they so wish.
  • You can play with little liability. Possibly the best part of online gambling is that thanks to the Gambling Act of 2003, you can freely play at any online casino based outside of New Zealand without facing any repercussions in the eyes of the law.
  • You will seldom be taxed as a gambler. As we have previously discussed, your winnings at any online casino will not be taxes unless you are viewed as being a professional gambler.

Online Gambling Laws Provide Kiwis with Possibility

Thanks to the Gambling Act of 2003, you now may play at any international online casino as a Kiwi player. Their gambling laws will always be tried and tested so long as they stand. Be sure to keep your eyes on Kiwi Casinos – should there be any further developments. Hence we will keep you in the loop, feel free to learn about gambling tips here. For now, take a look through the various casino reviews provided by Kiwi Casinos and see which international online casino suits your needs best!