Keno Rules New Zealand

Keno rules are very useful when it comes to gambling on the game in New Zealand. If one loves playing bingo or lottery games, chances are high that they will like Keno as well. Read on and learn more about Keno rules in New Zealand.

keno rules-NZ

How to Play Online Keno

Playing this casino game is easy. The casino game is comprised of a grid that has numbers 1 to 80. New Zealand players must then select a few numbers between 2 and 10. These are known as ‘spots’ and players are permitted to select their bet size.

The software that is used by the online casino will then choose 20 numbers from the 80, in a random manner. It will further determine how much a player wins based on how many of their numbers match the randomly selected numbers by the online casino.

The results will be displayed on the player’s screen in case they might want to double check the randomly selected numbers and the numbers they have on their ticket.

Keno Payouts

The payout is made according to the paytable of the casino game. However, this depends on which online casino one is gambling at. We encourage New Zealanders to always check it out before they commit to playing the casino game.

Keno Progressive Jackpots

The game is also available as a progressive casino game for players in New Zealand. Progressive means that the jackpot amount will keep growing until a player wins it. So, if one is looking into playing online Keno and wants to stand a chance to win big, progressive is the way to go!

The casino game has a higher house edge but still, it stands to be one of the most exciting games to play. We encourage Kiwi players to make sure that they know the Keno rules before they start wagering real money. To learn more about this casino game, click here.