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Pokie tips will help New Zealand players sharpen their skills and get ready to hit that jackpot! Pokies are one of the all-time favourite casino games in New Zealand. One of the reasons is that they have huge jackpots on offer. These great jackpots have created an army of players in New Zealand that are looking for ways to take home the large sums of NZD money on offer. This has led to a lot of myths about how to predict which Pokie machine is ready to payout.
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Predicting Jackpots on Pokies

It is impossible to predict the next big jackpot on a machine, even for the casino operators. This is because the pokies machines use Random Number Generators (RNG) to determine where the reels will stop. This means that there are no hot or cold machines.

Each spin of the pokie is independent of the next and previous spin. A machine is as likely to hit a jackpot a second time in a row as it was the first time around. If it is your day you can hit two jackpots consecutively on one machine. So walking around a casino checking out which pokie has been pumped full of coins does not work.

The machines payout is not related to the coins in it. Neither can the casino operators lower or increase payback percentages at a whim. This cannot be done by the push of a button but requires reprogramming of the machine.

There is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to increase or reduce your odds of winning. Money management strategies help you gamble responsibly not minimise losses or increase your winnings. Even if you have one hundred naked pulls this does not make the machine cold. The only reason to stop playing is that you are going below your set bankroll or you have won enough money if such a thing exists.
Pokie Tips for players in New Zealand

Pokie Tips Overview

In a nutshell, the best thing that we at Kiwi Casinos can advise our players in New Zealand is to set a budget and stick to it. Plan on how much you are willing to part ways with before you quit playing. Also, plan on how much you would be satisfied to leave with as your winnings when playing tablet pokies. This will assist you not to spend money that you shouldn’t. This is one of the best money management strategies available when it comes to New Zealand online gambling.