Video Poker New Zealand

Video Poker is an online casino game that is fancied by many players in New Zealand. The casino game permits New Zealanders to gamble against the house, instead of gambling on other players.

Most Kiwi players say this online casino game can be seen as an alternative to online pokies. However, unlike online pokies, Video poker requires more skill. So sit back, relax and read on to learn more about Video Poker below.

Video Poker in New Zealand.

Video Poker in New Zealand

The foundation of this casino game is 5-Card Draw Poker; hence it is essential to understand poker hands if Kiwi player wants to gamble on Video Poker. Video poker also has its variations just like Poker.

The variations include Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, Tens or Better and much more. Consequently, unlike the traditional Poker game, players gamble on this game on an automated machine, even in local NZ casinos.

Playing Video Poker

If one understands the game of Poker, they will easily learn how to play Video Poker. This casino game has the same basic rules as a standard Poker game. This means that the players’ goal is also trying to have the strongest hand. Here are the basics steps when playing Video Poker:

  • New Zealand players start by placing their bet.
  • Thereafter, five cards are dealt.
  • Kiwis then pick the cards to keep and the ones to discard. The discarded cards are then replaced.
  • Once the New Zealander’s final hand is complete, they will then determine if the odds were in their favour or not, basing on the payout table.

Online Video Poker at New Zealand Online Casinos

Playing this casino game online gives Kiwi players a whole new level of entertainment, compared to when playing at a land-based casino.

Players in New Zealand can enjoy the best graphics and animation in High Definition quality. With internet casinos, players have a broad range of Video Poker variations to choose from as physical space is not an issue, as at a land-based casino.

Visit any of the online casinos we recommend, start playing Video Poker and stand a chance to win big today!